Ordination interview

Well, I survived my Ordination interview. It is my last interview with the DBMD (District Board of Ministerial Development) before my actual Ordination this summer at District Conference. They are the ones with whom I have interviewed at least once a year for the last couple of years. I must say I was quite nervous, but as with most things, once I got started I felt better.

What did I learn that I can pass on? Well, make sure you are prepared! I studied The Wesleyan Discipline which defines our positions on the various doctrines of the church. It felt good to be able to reference what the Discipline says while at the same time give my explanation of what I think it means. I am more of a conceptual person, so I had to work really hard to remember the Scriptural references related to the theology. What are some of the questions? They ask questions about the Atonement, Justification, Regeneration and Sanctification, of course.

One interesting part of the interview was that my husband sat next to me as my spouse. That was really different given that I stood with him at his ordination many years ago. He normally sits as a member on the DBMD, but for this time he sat next to me and had to answer the spousal questions of whether he could support me. You will be glad to know he did! It felt really good to hear him speak of me the way he did.

So, I have one more class this spring and then onto Ordination. I am praying that my 91 year old pastor-father will live until then so he can pray over me. I asked him to promise he would live until July, 2009. Even though his health is failing and he is on dialysis 3 times a week, he promised he would try. You can't ask for more than that!