Holy leadership

"I eagerly await the day when the church is able to stop asking whether or not women ought to be in church leadership and begin asking questions about how all our leadership, male and female, may be made more holy." -'Gifted for Leadership, a Community of Christian Women'
This idea of what a Christian, holy leader looks like is really very relevant to the discussion of women in leadership in the church. If the only leadership model available for women is to be the 'iron lady,' the tough, assertive female who is trying to be like a man, then the church will never accept women as their pastor/leader. The quote above comes from a blog sponsored by Christianity Today. The blog discussion of what a Christ-like leader looks like is worth reading. One of the commentators on the blog describes Christ-like, holy behavior. I think this holy behavior really looks good on both men and women leaders. Fortunately, leaders, both female and male, are called to the same standard of leadership set by Christ. We can all learn about holy leadership from the Head of the Church!

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