Well, I am back from a wonderful vacation. Among the many things we did and the many people we saw, I was able to spend some time with Dr. Mari Gonlag, professor at Southern Wesleyan University and the Director of the Women in Ministry Center. Had a great time talking with her and thinking about things ministerial!
Had another conversation with a young ordained woman, which again reminded me of the difficulties women face as they attempt to find positions of ministry!
Had some time with my cousins, one of whom was surprised that our denomination takes a stand against alcohol but ordains women. To him, that was an oxymoron. All I could make of it is that he associates the ordination of women with the more "liberal" denominations who started ordaining women during the 60's. It seems that our position against the use of alcohol would be considered a conservative position and the position that we hold of ordaining women would be a liberal one. Interesting, huh?
So, back to work tomorrow and hopefully I will get back to more consistent blogging.