"Half-done, thou half-faithful servant"

In fact, I believe I first have to answer to God for his gifts and calling on my life. I don’t want to get to heaven and hear him say, “Half-done, thou half-faithful servant.”...I don’t believe women should bury their gifts or let anyone else bury them. There’s a lost world (of men and women) waiting to hear what God’s gifted women have to say to them. The eternal destiny of these souls may depend on it.- Jill Briscoe

"In Praise of Women Preachers"

Do you want a breath of fresh air? Then go to the article by C. S. Cowles, In Praise of Women Preachers. This will encourage you and give you some truth to speak to yourselves and others on this issue.


Do You Know These Names?

"When asked how many women have ever been democratically elected as a president or prime minister, 66 percent believed there had been less than 10. In fact, there have been more than 50. Iceland, for example, had a woman president for 16 years. Ireland has had women presidents consecutively elected for decades. In the Netherlands Antilles, five female prime ministers have held office. Switzerland has been led by two women presidents." Kim Mance
Check out these names:
  • The Right Honourable Helen Clark, Prime Minister, New Zealand
  • Her Excellency Tarja Halonen, President, Finland
  • Her Excellency Emily Saidy de Jongh-Elhage, Prime Minister, Netherlands Antilles
  • The Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister, Jamaica
  • Her Excellency Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, President, Latvia (1999-2007)
Click on this link for a longer list of female world leaders.
It is really encouraging to see this long list of women that are role models for other women. Dr. Lee Haines completed a book (started by his wife) listing a history of Women in Ministry in The Wesleyan Church called "Celebrate Our Daughters." Check it out. "This book honors and celebrates the daring women who have contributed much throughout the years to The Wesleyan Church." There are more of us than you think!

Ignored Talent Pool

"When companies overlook women for executive positions, they ignore a vast talent pool and undermine their profitability." -Robin Gerber, author, Katharine Graham: The Leadership Journey of an American Icon
When the church is crying for leadership and overlook women...they too ignore a vast talent pool!


The Culture

So did you look up Answering the Call? It's pretty cool, huhl!
So now that we know the history of the church and the church's positive stance toward women in ministry how do we change the culture in our churches?
Culture? What culture?
The culture that says, "Well, Pastor, we would hire a female youth pastor, but I am worried for you. What would it look like? We don't want you to be tempted." Or, "Well, District Superintendent, we believe women can be ministers, but we don't think we could follow a female leader." Or, to the potential female candidate, "How can women be leaders in the church if they are to be submissive to their husbands?" Changing the culture is not easy! But 100 years ago, it would have been difficult to foresee an African American president! That was difficult to foresee until it happened! This Presidential Inauguration Day should give us hope. So...I guess we just keep talking, teaching, educating, praying, hoping, doing, preaching and answering our call.....