"...there is the novel post-1970s interpretation of a se-
lected number of biblical texts on women that is now
adopted almost word for word by all contemporary 
hierarchists and rejected by all egalitarians. This says
men and women are equal, yet role-differentiated, 
which, when unpacked in plain speech, means that
 women are permanently subordinated to male 
authority. Women’s subordination, it is added, is
not a consequence of sin or a reflection of cultural 
values, but is predicated on a hierarchical social 
order established before the fall. It is the ideal that is
pleasing to God and, as such, is unchangeable."
Kevin Giles, Author
This 'novel interpretation' is actually the definition of "Complementarianism." It sounds really good when it states that men and women are equal. But don't fall for it. It is not egalitarian! The whole concept rises and falls with the word 'role.' It is interesting to note that the term 'role' is a not a biblical term. It is a sociological term and the use of this meaning of the word came into our vocabulary in the 1970's. So beware when you hear the term 'complementarianism.' it does not lead to the support of Women in Ministry. It actually serves to keep women out of the pulpit!

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