From the The Wesleyan Church Position Statement on Women in Ministry:
However, we believe that all pertinent Scriptures need to be interpreted in the light of their immediate contexts, as well as in the context of Scripture as a whole. We also believe that no passages of Scripture clearly prohibit women from holding positions of authority. The passages that on the surface appear to do so are often twisted by interpretations stemming from biased readings of the text. In some cases there are faulty or biased translations. And in others there is evidence of localized situations that required special treatment that was not intended for general application. We believe that God has progressively revealed in the Scriptures His purpose to call, equip and empower women for full opportunity of ministry in the church. Galatians 3:28 states that in the Christian era "There is neither . . . male, nor female." This is a general principle of Scripture. Any Scriptures that at first appear to contradict this general statement must be understood in light of the general principle of Galatians 3:28. Clearly the spiritual and heavenly identity proclaimed in Galatians 3:28 has precedence over the earthly, administrative identity.

The discussion regarding whether Scripture allows for women to be leaders in the church always centers around how we interpret Scripture. If one supports Women in Ministry, then he or she is accused of using Scripture to support their position. The assumption is that to not support Women in Ministry is the correct interpretation of Scripture. Those who oppose women in leadership assume they do not bring their own belief or pre-conceived idea with them as they search Scripture as well.
Often the assertion is made that women who respond to God's call interpret Scripture to their advantage. It would seem that men who oppose Women in Ministry might also interpret Scripture to their advantage and it could also appear that this interpretation might be self-serving as well.
Just a thought for discussion…