Imagine my dismay...

I grew up in England with a queen on the throne and was educated at an all-girls’ school and women’s college in Cambridge by gifted females (and led to Christ by a female medical professional). So after becoming a Christian, imagine my dismay when I first joined a church where women weren’t allowed to do any of the things in which I knew they excelled!"-Jill Briscoe
Fortunately, Jill had the opportunity to actually see women in leadership. It has been my experience that when people see a woman in a pastoral/leadership position; a woman demonstrating her spiritual gifts and calling, then they are better able to recognize that God might just have called her into that position.


  1. Thanks, Sharon, for your insights and challenges!

    Last night, I had the joy of leading the children of our church in communion. We've been learning about worship; last night's theme was the sacraments. In our "adult" communion service yesterday morning, all the servers were men. I was glad to give the children an opportuntity to experience a woman serving them the Lord's Supper. I pray that they will become men and women who continue to see women and men in church ministry and leadership.

  2. So now it is time that the adults see a woman leading communion!!