89 year old female pastor

I just had lunch with a 89 year old female pastor who is currently the solo pastor of her church. She was ordained in 1947 and has pastored in one area for nearly 50 years. She has always been a solo pastor. She still has a strong sense of her calling. Although, she states that she has not experienced some of the obstacles some have, she acknowledges that she was a rarity even in her beginning days.

I left wondering what I could learn from her. I think the most significant thing to me is that she is still sure of her call. She does not look back, and certainly does not wonder (and likely has never wondered) if it is okay for her to preach the gospel.

While we were eating, she counted (on her fingers) how many female ministers in various denominations there are currently in her little town. Guess what? There are 7.

After almost 50 years of Rev. Betty Miller ministering in this small town, I don't think that is just coincidental!


How would his Disciples have ever known?

This excerpt might be helpful for those who think that the move to ordain women began in the 1960's as a result of the Feminist Movement. Margaret Fell Fox, wife of George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends/Quakers writes this article in 1666. After reading the excerpt click on the link below to read more of what she has to say about what the Scriptures say with regard to allowing, justifying and proving that women may 'speak'.
Women's Speaking Justified, Proved, and Allowed of by the Scriptures

"Notice this, you who despise and oppose the message of the Lord God that he sends by women. What would have become of the redemption of the whole body of mankind if they had no reason to believe the message that the Lord Jesus sent by these women about his resurrection? These women had received mercy, and grace, and forgiveness of sins, and virtue, and healing from him, the same that many men had also received. If the hearts of these women had not been so united and knit to him in love that they could not depart like the men did, but they sat watching, and waiting, and weeping about the tomb until the time of his resurrection and so were ready out of their tenderness and love to carry his message as it was revealed to them, how would his Disciples, who were not there, have ever known?"