Ignored Talent Pool

"When companies overlook women for executive positions, they ignore a vast talent pool and undermine their profitability." -Robin Gerber, author, Katharine Graham: The Leadership Journey of an American Icon
When the church is crying for leadership and overlook women...they too ignore a vast talent pool!


  1. You're right. Sarah Hewlett wrote a book on this the topic of talent pool for the business world called Off-Ramps and On Ramps: Keeping talented women on the road to success (2007) Harvard Business School Publ. She founded “Hidden Brain Drain Task Force” on Harris Polling research of highly qualified women & men (graduate or professional degree or high honors undergraduate) to call for solutions to fill the talent void in business. Maybe the church needs something similar...

  2. Wouldn't that be great! Some vehicle to make the void visible and then fill it in the church!