Resistance from pastor's wives?

...I am married to a gifted pastor but wondering whether my mate will get a real chance to maximize her God-given potential in the present pastoral system. This is no idle worry because I know of eminently qualified...women who have literally begged for a home mission church just for the chance of proving their gifts. In frustration, some have united with denominations that readily welcome their ministries. The other rub is an occasional sense of resistance from pastors' wives who may feel threatened by the egalitarian tenor of our marriage and working relationships. Some feel strongly that a woman's place is in the home and on ideological grounds, not evidence, suspect that our kids must be warped. They are not.--Anonymous Pastor's Husband
Hmmm...do you think the woman in ministry feels resistance from pastor's wives? If so, what a shame!


  1. I have never experienced anything like this. For the most part, I can say that pastor's wives have been very supportive.

  2. I am glad to hear that. Do you think if a female pastor worked on a staff with a male pastor would his wife have a problem?

  3. I am doing that now, and as of yet it has not been a problem. However, it is a small church, and I never am in the church office, as I work full time as a chemist. I can see potential problems if I were in the church all day.