A Liberal Ideology?

''Dr. Tilghman's [first female president at Princeton] administration has acquired a markedly different makeup that separates it from the traditions that have, historically, defined Princeton...There is an ideological notion -- unquestionably liberal -- within the context of women in academia that runs contrary to the Princeton of the 1950's and 1960's. It is impossible to divorce female appointments from overall liberal ideology.''-2004 (article in New York Times quoting Princeton student paper)
The first female president at Princeton (2001) was taken to task for filling 4 administrative positions (formerly held by men) with women. Sound familar? Interestingly, Princeton only admitted women beginning in 1969. (The Wesleyan Church has 'theoretically' been admitting women since the mid 1800's.) As we can see, resistance in the church to women in leadership positions is also mirrored in secular institutions. In some ways, it is reassuring that this is going on in other institutions. Unfortunately, we, the church, should be modeling a redemptive, forward approach rather than a reactive, backward one. Change is considered liberal by those opposing it. So, we will be called liberal, but we are truly representing a Biblical, Spirit-filled theology, not a "liberal ideology."

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