Christian feminist Critique

"...the Christian feminist critique, if taken seriously, could help us in the Wesleyan tradition to rethink many of our practices and convictions with the goal of making them more Biblical, more inclusive and faithful to our vision of the Coming Reign of God."--Randy Maddox
So there is that "F" (Feminist) word again. Do you think it really is possible that a feminist critique could help us be more Biblical? I think it is possible that Christian feminist scholars could help us be more Biblical as they look at Scripture and emphasize its trajectory leading toward the "Coming Reign of God." This trajectory (recognized by both women and men scholars) has positively led us away from slavery moving us toward egalitarian perspectives of equality with persons of all colors. I believe it can do the same leading us toward equality for men and women both in the church and outside the church. We need to be reading the Christian feminist theologians. I think we might learn from them. Are you brave enough?


  1. I would love to see a link on this site to some writings of Christian feminist theologians! Is that possible?

    Laurie Jennings

  2. Yes, I will see how to display them. Thanks for the suggestion!