So...some people think that the prejudice against women in public ministry is actual sin. It is not just a mistaken idea or an ignorant point of view. It is a sin that calls for repentance. It is not unlike the sin of slavery. Christians have repented and continue to repent for the sin of slavery that was perpetrated in this country. Do you think prejudice against women in public ministry is a sin? To call it a sin is pretty heavy, don't you think? Does it require repentance? Mirriam-Webster defines repentance as: "1. to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one's life. 2. a: to feel regret or contrition b: to change one's mind."
What would happen if we and our church repented of this sin?

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  1. Good question. If I take the gender issue away by asking it this way I surely answer yes...: "If God calls a person to the ministry and the church recognizes that call and licenses or ordains that person is it sin to refuse to recognize what God and the Church has set aside?" So why would it be a sin to refuse to submit to God's anointed who is a male and we would be exempt from the same submission and recognition when it is a female? I don't think so. So it could be a willful sin personally.

    It also could be a "corporate sin" --a willful sin a people commit as a group.

    Thanks for the question!