The "F" Word

The "F" word is no longer a four letter word. It is also an eight letter word...
F-e-m-i-n-i-s-t. The term feminist is associated with all that is bad related to the women's movement of the '60's and '70's. Those opposed to women in ministry often negatively associate the term with those who advocate for the leadership of women in church. The word is used to marginalize both the position and the person. Thus "feminism is a term and concept that is in need of redemption from misconception." What do you do if you are called a feminist? Don't worry about it. Embrace it. You define it!
Define it this way...if you mean by feminist that it "is the radical notion that women and men are of equal value, dignity, and worth...[and] that females and males are not only equally gifted, but also equally responsible agents in the body of Christ" then I am a feminist! Feminist, in this sense of the word then, is a very Christian term.
Do you think Jesus could have been the first feminist?

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