Women's Leadership in the Church

An article from our Wesleyan Publication Wesleyan Life:

Leadership for Women in the Church

By Anita Carrión Quinoñes

Current opportunities for leadership for women in the church vary from country to country. Within any culture, the church can choose attitudes and actions that help strengthen it by recognizing the ministry gifts of both male and female members.

These might include the following:

  • Allow women to become ordained as ministers in the church, using the same requirements that are in place for men.
  • Respect any woman who is in a place of spiritual authority within the church. Celebrate her ability to obey God’s call on her life.
  • When a position of leadership within the church becomes vacant, seek God’s person—male or female—to fill that vacancy.
  • Accept spiritual instruction from women as well as men. The Holy Spirit uses both male and female leaders to teach truth from God’s Word.

— Anita Carrión Quinoñes, former national superintendent of Peru

from “Women’s Leadership in the Church,” Global Voices, edited by Joy Bray

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