Women's Right to Preach!

In 1859, Catherine Mumford Booth wrote an article in defense of women preachers. The title of her article was "Female Ministry; or, Woman's Right to Preach the Gospel."
The title makes me wonder...is it appropriate to speak of it as a right? I find that using the word 'right' in relationship to a woman's position in the church is not considered the Christian way to speak of it. To speak of 'rights' smacks of liberal civil rights 'speak.' To speak of 'rights' sounds like an entitlement. To speak of 'rights' seems selfish and self-serving. To speak of 'rights'
is perceived as a demand and seems to set up a sense of competition. How does speaking of "Woman's Right to Preach the Gospel" fit with the idea that we, as Christians, should not demand our rights?
Funny, we don't have a problem speaking of our 'right' to vote. Or our 'right' to 'privacy.' Or our 'right' to the freedom of worship. Or our 'right' to assembly. Or our 'right' of freedom of speech. Most of us do not consider these 'rights' as selfish, self-serving or un-Christian.
Is it really because a Christian should not demand their 'rights' or is it really that a woman should not?
I wonder...

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