"Separate But Equal"

Separate but equal was a policy instituted in southern states which practiced segregation. Under the policy, African Americans and people of European descent were provided separate public facilities and services, such as schools, water fountains, and bathrooms.
In many churches, the "separate but equal" rule is alive and well. Those who apply this 'rule' attempt to convince women that when they are told they are equal before God-but have a different 'role'-that it does not mean they are lesser than men. They are just different! That has never made sense to me any more than it did to the African Americans that were told to use a different rest room or water fountain. When African Americans protested this practice they were judged as 'uppity,' as 'stepping out of their place,' as 'rebellious,' as not understanding their 'God-ordained' position in the world. Sound familiar?

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