The Center for Women In Ministry

Did you know that The Wesleyan Church has a Center for Women in Ministry? Although it is located at Southern Wesleyan University, you will see as you go to The Center's website that
"contributors to the vision include general church leaders, educational leaders from all five educational institutions of The Wesleyan Church, and concerned ministers and leaders, both male and female. The Center is endorsed by the Task Force on Women in Ministry, the Wesleyan Educational Council, and the General Board of The Wesleyan Church."
Go to the website. See what resources are available. Most of all pray that The Center will be a tool that God may use to facilitate the ministry of women in the Wesleyan Church. Oh, and some money donated to The Center would be nice too. See below...
"Gifts of any size are tax deductible and will help launch this new ministry. Gifts in honor or memory of those who have served in the Church's ministry are especially welcomed. (Though this center is a cooperative venture between all the educational institutions of The Wesleyan Church actual checks may be made payable to Southern Wesleyan University, marked for "Center for Women in Ministry.")
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  1. I am solo pastor of a Wesleyan Church in Ohio. I found your info on Wesleyan.org. Thanks for getting info out there on women in ministry.

    I appreciate the wonderful resources the denomination has available on this subject and I keep them on hand at all times. They give a clear Scriptural basis for women in ministry.

    Yes, there were people that left the church because I became pastor. And there have been a few who refused to attend because I was a woman. But overall, I have found people to be gracious and the Wesleyan denomination to be very supportive.

  2. Thanks for responding. I am so glad that you have had a positive experience as a pastor in the Wesleyan Church. It is encouraging to see that you have survived even with some of the bumps you have experienced. It is women like you who provide inspiration to those who come behind you.