Our theology supports us

"God will not go against his Word and ordain a woman preacher. If she claims she has been ordained by the Spirit and does not need man's approval, it is evident she is reprobated and working under her own manufactured alleged anointing. God is not in it." -Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor, (opposed to women in ministry)
You might wonder why I am quoting this same person...again! I believe it is important for us to know the type of hostility that can be voiced against our call to ministry. We can be silenced by those we see in authority and by those who use the Word to prove their point. Therefore, here is something to remember. Wesleyan Theology applies a Biblical hermeneutic that affirms God's call of women to the ministry. We do not need to defend the call. We belong to a church that defends it! What we do need to do is follow our call. Be encouraged that although there will be people inside and outside our church who may want to challenge us, the theology of our church supports us. We do need to understand our theological foundations, but the "field of battle" is about changing the culture of the church to advocate and place women in ministry and not about our theology!


  1. Pastor Sharon,
    You are right on target that women should be ordained into ministry. Is our authority more powerful and honest if it is biblical (rather than denominational) in origin?

  2. Our authority is obviously derived from Scripture. Thus this is where the power comes from. However, it is very important that women have the backing of the church as well as it helps divert the defense of the position from the woman herself. Such defense for herself can seem...well...defensive.