Affirmation of "Women In Ministry"

Here is a statement that should make us proud!
"In spite of some forces which seek to undo our long-standing position on the ordination of women, we refuse to budge on this issue—we will not tolerate the blocking of a person's ordination due to his or her gender, for we believe that both men and women are called to the ministry and thus should be ordained. Furthermore, we condemn any practice of exclusive male- only leadership on boards or committees in the church, excluding women from these positions by either public policy or unofficial behind-the-scenes agreed-upon policy, for we believe that when it comes to God's gifts, graces and callings, there is neither male nor female." ("Statement on Social Issues," adopted by the 1996 General Conference)


  1. It is alarming that 12 years later, women still do not feel they are welcome to leadership roles in most denominational churches. Where is the the denominational accountability for following their own policies? Oh, that is right, men are still in charge! Except for one dynamic new general superintendent.

    Thanks for starting this blog.

  2. It is also alarming that although many woman are allowed to lead or teach they are expected to lead and teach like men. Don't our leaders realize there are different types of leadership styles?